Thursday, October 31, 2013

Put me in the backseat and they took me for a ride..... Yeah the radio was on can't you dig the locomotion?

A very long time ago I was put in the backseat and was taken for a ride. After I ended up quitting Powell High School after a stupid incident of being involved in the egging of the Volkswagen Beetle of the Principal Jim Monroe and more or less being told I would not graduate I ended up having a job as a dishwasher at The Best Western (now a Days  Inn) at the corner of Merchant's Road & Central Ave Pike.

For a restaurant job it was OK but both me & my brother Roy worked there and part of the perks was some of the bartenders there would let us get drunk on nickel beers (if ordered from the restaurant) while the bar was open and if we had to breakdown a banquet room that had a portable beer keg we would pump off a gallon or 2 to enjoy after work!
 At the time I was driving my 2nd car I owned a 1964 Chevy Malibu SS that I would have to start by kick starting by dropping the Powerglide  transmission in low once it built up a little speed. It was a bondo buggy but I still loved it!
                              ( Not the actual car I owned but the same model)
 One of my co-workers who was a cook named Randy & his g/f (I can't remember her name but we will go with "Suzy" to stay with the theme of the blog) and their friend & co-worker nicknamed Fergie (her last name was Ferguson) had decided that since my 18th birthday was coming up they decided that they would celebrate it with me. Little did I know I was going but it would end up at The Knoxville Civic Coliseum four days later I would be taken for a ride in the back seat of Randy's Capri (with the side window busted out)

and taken downtown to the Knoxville Civic Coliseum.......



Of course it is said that if you can remember the '70's then you wasn't there holds true for most of the evening as I do know I was drinking & smoking that "Evil Weed" (and might have even had some Vitamin A on the side!) but I do remember that Sammy Hagar did have an leg injury that did not stop him from performing (I think that the local promoters had him billed as Montrose but I could be wrong)...... that Angel was all dressed it white and had the pretty hair that Frank Zappa would make famous with his song "Punky's Whips" and they was promoted by Casablanca Records as being the positive image in contrast to the negative image of KISS was portraying.

 I do remember being on the floor for Blue Öyster Cult pretty well much under the big mirror ball hanging in the center of the arena. (of course it was general admission & smoke filled!)
And then the lights went down and through the pa came the following words.....

I remember in the 8th grade at Powell Elementary School that one day a fellow classmate Jeff Callahan brought in the first album and was knocked out by the artwork!
And much like the artwork with the stars in the background when the lasers was pointed at the mirrorball the arena was full of green "stars" and when they projected to the back of the coliseum when they criss-crossed they would form cubes in the smoke filled venue! It was not that much different than portrayed in the movie The Stoned Age

So now as I prepare to do a couple of Blue Öyster Cult shows in Nashville & Columbus we both have something in common.....

                                                      "ON THE ROAD FOREVER!"





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Thursday, February 14, 2013

I really need to use this page more.... regardless if it is seen or not!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

A funny thing happened on the way to Lost and Found Records.....

When I went to pick up a vinyl pressing of Alice Cooper's new album "Welcome 2 My Nightmare" in hopes of having Dick Wagner to sign it on a planned road trip to Michigan (a later blog post will follow) the store owner Maria asked if I want to talk to a reporter about some of my "Tales of the road" and I didn't think it would be a big deal so I said I'll talk to her. I passed on my phone number (or I called her....can't remember which) and a few days later I met Allison Rupp at Panera Bread in West Knoxville and basically shot the shit with her for about an hour I felt it went pretty good but I was also a bit nervous that I may have revealed too much about myself as I did go into some detail about my "Bootlegging" past/present and with my apprehension of being true to myself after Jason left Metallica in 2000 as I did feel like I was being pulled on both sides but it was for naught as Allison did an EXCELLENT job of telling "my story" without putting too much focus on just me.

Below is a link for the article....

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ticket Stub Collection.....

By no means is this a complete album of my ticket stubs as I am not very organized but it gives you a very good ideal of the many shows I have attended (and in the case of many of the shows after Halloween 1985 also was taped by me too!)...... there will be more to be added as time passes by. At the moment I only have the free account so I do not know what my limitations are as to what is visible to the general public as I can only see the last 200 images. I have no problem with sharing them as long as credit is given when due. I hope to have a companion set in chronological order in the future. As it goes with some shows where I was on "The Guest List" there is no stub to scan as it was sometimes nothing more as a stamp on the back of my hand so the complete list will never be known.

Explore at your own leisure!

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 8th.....

How I found out John Lennon was shot.... I was in basement of Doug E's parents house sitting in a circle "gettin' baked" with some other friends and was watching Monday Night Football when this came on....

Howard Cosell announcing John Lennon's death

Fast forward to 2004...... I wake up to find my e-mail box full of messages from my friends wondering if I was OK as if I was living in Ohio more than likely I would have been at this show.....
Dimebag shooting report

I never got to see John Lennon but I have seen Pantera 16 times and taped all of them...... they are posted at DIME